The Blessed Sacrament Sisters in Ireland : already 60 years of presence !!
Blessed Sacrament Sisters arrived in Tullamore (Co. Offaly) in 1954 and set up the Marian Hostel. The hostel provides affordable accomodation for  workind and disadvantaged women in the midlands. Over the years the hostel has seen many changes influenced by the society and the evolving nedds of modern Ireland. The people who have stayed in the Marian Hostel have had a positive experience and have felt supported in their journey through life.

In 1990 a new parish began in Seabury (a residential area 15 kms north of Dublin).Two years later the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament sent a community of sisters to share in Yellow Walls Parish life in Malahide (Co of Dublin). Their work was parish and they work in the neighbouring schools and with people with special needs.


N° national = 353  
1.  Marian Hostel
     High Street
     Co. Offaly
2.   91, Seabury Crescent
      Co. Dublin

Linked to each blazon, you will discover the origins and current role of sacramentine community in this location, as well as links to friends who share their missionary activity and evangelization.